On April 28, 2014, a devastating tornado ripped through Tupelo, Mississippi.

Tupelo is a close-knit community of 35,000 residents. Although neighbors are helping neighbors, more assistance is necessary in order to bring the four time All-America City Award winner back to full force.

Books for Tupelo is the creation of freelance writer, Book Riot contributor, and Tupelo resident, Emily Gatlin. Each signed book was donated directly by the author, publisher, independent bookstore, or close friend of the author. Each signature is as verified as possible, and auction information includes a photo of the actual signature. Auction listings can be found on eBay and are listed as “BOOKS FOR TUPELO” (username: books4tupelo). Use the menu above for a complete list of authors, books, and collections. All proceeds from the auction will be donated to CREATE Foundation’s Northeast Mississippi Tornado Relief Fund.

For questions/media inquiries: email booksfortupelo@gmail.com

More information about the April 28th tornadoes can be found here:

The Daily JournalPath of Destruction: Tornado Rips Through Tupelo Area

The Clarion-Ledger: Tupelo Tornado Kills One, Leaves 20,000 Without Power

TIME.com: Weatherman Interrupts Live Broadcast to Evacuate Newsroom During Tornado

The Washington Post: The slide survived: Unsettling footage of tornado striking church playground in Tupelo


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